December 5, 2018

Manifestation is both common and is simply Focused Will, applied with Force towards the object of our desires... but... will this make you happy ?

‘Happiness’ is not dependent on achieving our desires, but in getting the True Essence of what would satisfy our desires.

Consider wanting to find true love...or winning the lottery...or getting a promotion... whatever it is you wish for, you can have it...but...unless you h...

November 2, 2018

There is a wonderful Metaphysical concept that everything exists within Spirit... literally, that the whole Universe is contained within Spirit-Creator... and we can use this, very efficiently, to attract [safely] all we desire.

Begin by taking the time, every day, to think about Spirit [whichever aspect of Divinity you consider to be ‘the Creator’...and yes, if you truly believe that it is Pure Light, then focus on this].


September 30, 2018

This is important -  Before you can manifest anything, you must first ‘make space’ for it within yourself...

To do this correctly you must understand that we all interact with the external world through our Senses... they form the ‘bond’ / link between us and everything else.

It is this bond which determines our attitude towards / good-bad

/ want it-reject it ... all is dependent on our Sensory Bond – for it is...

September 1, 2018

The Law is clear – As Within, so Without... you can only manifest that which is already within you... BUT, it doesn’t have to limit you.

You can – and should – create and recreate yourself... you can grow, and prosper, and attract all you desire... simply by first focusing on all that is positive about you.

Spend time [daily, if possible] appreciating all your wonderful gifts, abilities, achievements... and how these have enrich...

August 6, 2018

The technique is simple -  begin by creating a rich and rewarding environment.

Yes, do clean up your clutter, do get rid of all those old clothes that no longer fit you, do get new art / better furniture / repaint your home... do whatever is necessary to make your physical environment richer, more welcoming, more rewarding.

And if you need a personal make-over, then do that too [nothing feels more transformative than a different...

July 2, 2018

It seems such a simple concept, yet it is one which is too often ignored –

Envision the reality you wish to create... AND make space for it

Start with simple visualization - if you’re looking for love, then visualize how your life will be...waking up in the morning together, eating breakfast, driving to work, shopping , watching TV, going on vacation...

Once you have a clear picture of your new life, consider the changes that nee...

June 4, 2018

Understand that you are a Magnetic Being, and whatever you think about yourself, and the world...that is the reality you will create.

Yet to change this reality abruptly, is to create chaos and dysfunction - this is why so many people who win the lottery quickly end up in greater debt than before...their Identity is one of lack / struggle / unfulfilled wants and needs – and so this is the only thing they can manifest.

Begin by f...

May 10, 2018

No matter the techniques you use for Manifestation, all success lies in understanding what happens after the goal is achieved.

What happens later is the path we have created, the future that awaits us, the personal transformation which we now must endure... and, if you are joyfully grateful for this, then true reward is yours... and if you’re not, then you need more clarity on what you really want.

Simply imagine that you have s...

April 4, 2018

You are a Magnetic Being ... and you radiate energies all around you.

So, choose to focus on -

1)  things / activities / situations from your past that brought you joy, success, fulfillment ... and multiple times a day spend one minute thinking about them ... enjoy the process ... Capture your feelings

After a few days / weeks, now -

2)  Focus, clearly, on what you want to Manifest ... and fill it with these feelings ... do this d...

March 2, 2018

“Beauty is one of the Sacred Names of Spirit-Creator” ... and we can use this Principle to

create a link between us and all Creation.

This will not only speed up the expansion of our Consciousness, but also awaken many

Spiritual and Metaphysical abilities within us.

The protocol is simple, but very effective:-

Find an image that inspires you - one that is beautiful and uplifting - do not use people or animals; images from Nature ar...

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