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The Shadow-Man

The early days of railways were times of great change, fortunes were made, and some people grew to great importance… and one of these was the Train Conductor… this is his story (maybe).

Ah, how good is the life of the Train conductor, who runs the iron-horse with great skill, and is shown much respect by all who ride with him. For some this even grows into small friendships, especially if you’re a regular – there is the young schoolteacher who, tired after a long day, always offers him a small smiles… but sits alone, staring out the window… there is the bombastic young man who loudly declares him prowess of the day to any who care to listen… and, sometimes, there are manual laborers who, tired as they are, seldom make any conversation. rather preferring to nap until they get home… These are his people, and he looks after them with benign contempt (for, after all, he is the Conductor).

Each day he leads the mighty train along the tracks, while great scenery flies by… and, as the sun is about to set, he crosses the small station almost at the end of his run… but there’s never anyone there, so no need to stop or even slow down…

As days and weeks and months go by he begins to notice a shadow under the mighty oak that grows near the lines… At first he thought it was his imagination, tired from his vigilant work… but no, there is someone there barely visible…

And so he started paying closer attention, and could just discern a shadow… perhaps in the shape of a man… “Umm, I wonder who he is…?” he pondered. “Maybe some tired soul, who’s just catching his breath before continuing home…? Well, he can’t be a respectable man, for he would take the train if he was… after all, look how clean, and nice this train is… Humph, I certainly would not want some ‘vagrant’ aboard my train!” And as much as he tried to ignore this Shadow-man, still his mind would not let him. At first he slowed down as he passed him by, wondering if, by chance, he could see more than this mere smear of a man… but to no avail. “The train is too powerful a beast to simply ‘slow down’… and for what? This poor excuse of a being, who’s not even good enough to stand in the waning light… He must be up to no-good… Ummm, maybe he’s a robber who is waiting to jump aboard… or maybe he’s looking how best to derail this beautiful train… or maybe… maybe… he’s a ghost looking to possess me…”

With each day and each thought his imagination grew darker and darker, until he was sure that this ‘evil being’ was up to no good… so he chose the only wise thing to do – go faster, and faster… as fast as his mighty steed would carry him… zooming past the forgotten station, praying to his long ignored deity to keep him safe “I am the Conductor… keep me safe from this evil…”

And so he speeds off into the night, chased by his own imagination… and his self-created ‘demons’.

And as he flies by, the Shadow-man begins to walk away… slowly, for in his old age his bones creak with each step… and a deep sigh escapes his parched lips… the train is now too fast for him to catch even a glimpse of his estranged daughter…

And so even this small little pleasure is denied him… yet what else can he do but hope… (even if it’s in vain).

Mario C. Veo is a teacher of Spiritual Science and a Healing Arts Practitioner. He teaches classes and individuals on Personal Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness. Mario is available for personal guidance and consultations every Tuesday and the last Sunday of each month at the Shining Lotus™ Bookstore.

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