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In search for a glorious Life

October 17, 2017

This is the story of a young man, and his search for “a glorious Life”


The story starts in a small mountain village, you know the kind, where everyone knows each other, you call all grownups ‘Uncle or Aunt’, and Life is peaceful ... well, some may even say a little boring ... what with all the healthy natural foods grown right there, and good, hard work following the seasons, there really isn’t much that can lead you to trouble, you know... [except boredom, perhaps]


You were all expected to provide for your family, and with a little left over to share with neighbors and the elderly  -  after all, they did the same for you, in your times of need, so it’s only proper that you should too ... youngster would hunt for small game, or fish in the swift rivers, or even raise bees if they fancied ... while grownups worked the fields, and some felled mighty trees for the local mill ...


As I said, it was a peaceful Life ... for most ...


And so it happened that this particular young man decided that such a ‘simple Life’ was, after all, much too simple...and that he yearned - oh, so deeply yearned - for ‘adventure’!

And his parents, who loved him very much, thought that if he really, really wanted to go ... well then, they should not make him miserable and hold him back unduly ...


The day of his departure swiftly came, and all the uncles and aunts gathered at the village square to see him off  ... many with small tokens and little gifts  -  a few dollars here and there  “To buy you something sweets to remember us by ...” or a healthy sandwich to have on the way  “You never know what kind of food those outsiders may have ... certainly not as good as ours ...” ... and those that had too little to spare, well then, it was hugs and kisses, and loving embrace ... [and maybe even a tear or two]


And so he left, to find ‘Life’ in the big world out there ... first by train  [that beast surely could move !], later by bus [oh, what sticky seats !], and finally he reached his destination - the Big City [oh, what a foul smell !] ... but he didn’t care, for he had arrived , and finally he could start living !!!


He was young, he was eager, and strong to boot [never said he was lazy], and soon found a job - a little menial perhaps, but he was well liked, and soon was on track to be

promoted ...

Harder and harder he worked, saving every penny so he could buy a car [must have one of those, you know, town is too big to walk !], then more money to buy a house ... no, a ‘condo’ [it’s more upscale, and who has time to mow the lawn and plant flowers - God forbid !] ... then it was girls and dates, and oh the glorious sex !


Yes indeed, he had arrived - this was Life ! as he always wanted it to be !!

Of course there was so little time that he no longer called home every week, actually, not even every month ... What could he say to them, they wouldn’t, couldn’t understand his Life - no longer walking barefoot on the river bank, or swimming butt naked in the creek ... Nope, he now wore Italian shoes and swam in a proper swimming pool ... he had nothing left to tie him to his rural’ [shudder !] background ...


Now he found the ‘perfect girl’, and soon will be married ... and when she asked about his parents he told everyone that he was an orphan, raised by the State in different foster homes, until he was old enough to find his own way in the world ...

Oh, how they admired him then, the orphan who made it rich ! the boy wonder ! the man who forged a Life of wealth and success ! ... and how he gloried in this adulation, preening himself here and there ... [he even overheard someone say that ‘men wanted to be him, and women wanted to sleep with him ’ ... imagine that !]

......  ........  ........


And so he grew in wealth and power, buying up properties, industries, and even a bank or two ... and if anyone opposed him, well then, they got what they deserved ...

[he was friends with some very influential people ... and even some who could ‘convince’ others not to cross him ... if you know what I mean]

His wife grew fat, his sons spoiled brats, and his many mistresses younger and younger ...

Ah, what a Life !

.......   ........  ........  .......


Now he nears his final days, surrounded by lawyers and board of directors - jackals wanting to make sure they get their share before the old man dies [his sons, too busy playing golf with the mayor, already got theirs] ...

Do you think he made the right choice ? ...  was this a Life worth living ?

Was he truly happy ?  Did he get what he searched for ...?


Oh, one more thing, his parents died surrounded by loving friends ...all bewildered that the loving son was not there...

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