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Flower Power

Plants are probably one of the most effective ways to transform Energy ... whether you use them indoors or outdoors be aware that the color of the plant has a profound effect ...

Consider the following –

White Purity, Innocence, Untouched by the Turmoil of Modern Life, Neutral

Blue Cooling, Calming, Slowing, Reduces Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure

Red Passionate, Emotive, Exciting, Sexual, Increases Pulse Rate and

Blood Pressure

Orange Harmonizing, Healing, Uplifting, Calming

Yellow Bright, Optimistic, Intellectual, Productive, Stimulating

Green Cooling, Soothing, Healing, Fresh, Growth

Lavender / Purple

Spiritual, Restful, Imperious, Must only be used in small doses

(too much causes irritation)

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