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Love ... may just change everything

January 29, 2020

I’ll do my best to recall this Great Tale, but I ask for your patience if I don’t quite recollect every little detail - it was a long, long time ago and my memory is no longer sharp as it once was - Yes, even for one such as I, we do age, y’know, though not like Humans...but then Time was never soft of heart, and bound us all to Her whim  ... but I digress.


It all started at the very, very beginning...even before Creation... There was nothing - if this ‘nothing’ could ever be a thing - maybe it is better described as a ‘potential something’ - a vast emptiness just waiting to be shaped ... Yes, much like that blank canvas your artists will fill with their vision ... and much like the artist’s inspiration some strange desire just wanted - nay, needed - to burst forth and splash itself on this emptiness ... and so it did, quite brilliantly if I remember correctly.


Oh, you should have seen this dazzling outburst... such passion, such power, such immeasurable beauty being sparked everywhere...

And here was the wonder of it all - it had Life... Well, not the ‘life’ you now know, but something pure, something so vital, so energetic, that it simply had to be - it just yearned to become... and floating among it all was a strange consciousness - though not yet self aware - we shall call ‘it’ Kama.


And so Kama drifted through this now filled space, just experiencing... brushing past enormous clouds of once-energy which now desperately yearned for Form - and watched as they did the impossible... Yes, each of them transformed themselves - maybe a better term would be they transmuted themselves into something that should not have been possible - they precipitated, gave up their pure state - freely now, with no compulsion or meddling from us gods - and so they created a new dimension, one of concrete possibilities, made of this thing called physicality ...


Ah, and for the first time there was a need for eyes to see, and senses to touch, and feel, and experience ... Yes, this was indeed a brand new experience, this thing they call ‘body’.


And now something new happened to Kama ... fascinated it stopped meandering... no longer satisfied with just drifting, no longer content with the brilliant interplay of cosmic energies... No, for the first time it paid attention ... and through this, started to change - its consciousness became more acute, more focused, more intense ...


There it sat - oh, but for a few short eons - observing how Form precipitated and melded into different shapes ... and how these became galaxies, complete with suns and planets...and how a new type of Life sprang into being - strange bipeds who called themselves ‘Man’.

Quite different from their environment they were, and, most strange of all, they had this unusual thing they did - a puzzling expression of sound - loud and pealing, bursting forth with a compulsive energy... weird, and yet fascinating - they called it ‘laughter’... it was extraordinary how this strange burst of loudness seemed to make these people happy, and even helped them deal with whatever challenges they faced ...


Curious to find out more, Kama moved closer and closer, the better to observe this strange - perplexing - tribe ... and what it discovered intrigued it even more - they had rediscovered a very ancient energy - one long thought lost - a strange bond that could happen between people, a union - nay, a mergence - and they called it ‘love’ ...



Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not that Divine Love which is simply the basic substructure of Creation, or that unifying energy which flows throughout the universe...

No, not at all - this was a full blown, passionate, get your kicks in high gear and blow the gates down kind of energy ... You get me now ...?


This was Love like you’d never seen before... well, certainly we gods hadn’t, though some of our oldest legends hinted at it... but you never know with those old tales - sometimes they were made up just to keep you in line... But again I digress ... 


And so this fascination got the better of Kama ... the more it observed, the more it yearned to find out more ... and soon enough it discovered something we believe led to its demise ... You see, while this human love could be found almost everywhere, it was strongest  between two people...and it seemed to gift their union with a new power, an ability to conquer, to overcome... much greater than each was capable of by themselves ... 


Yep, this weird ‘love’ kind of augmented them - and seemed to magnify their abilities.


Why, some of us even thought that it must be a new Magick ... but even our greatest sorcerers failed to expose this secret ...


And so Kama decided that the only way to unveil this mystery was through direct experience... but here’s the rub - there was just one problem, one little snag to this audacious plan. You see, Kama was just consciousness, just a bundle of energy that became sentient - actually had no Form at all - and those people down there not only had physicality, but - and that’s what truly puzzled us all - they had diverse Forms - and most shocking - had different polarities...

Yes, you guessed it - some where male and others female ...!!

[Have you ever heard of such unusual manifestation ?!... Not at all as good as us hermaphrodites ... Well, to tell you the truth, a few of them did manage to achieve our dual-expression, but somehow it just didn’t seem to catch on. Oh well, that’s their loss ...]


So back to my tale...


Kama now had a choice to make - it could just move on, content to chalk this up to some weird manifestation of primitive consciousness ... happy enough with its observation, or at least satisfied to know that even the most unheard of, bizarre experiments sometimes succeed [sheer luck, if you ask me]... or it could explore further, and try to understand this strange race that had developed such unusual behavior ... [laughter indeed !]


Understand that at this stage Kama was what is called ‘asexual’, neither one or other polarity, and so could not easily interact with such humans ... but you think this would stop it ? Nope, not at all ...


Now you and I know better - after all, we’re just more mature that it was...and maybe also more cautious.

[Hey, I worked hard to be where I am today, and would not throw it all away just out of ‘curiosity’, that’s just daft - but then Kama was just a youngster, and we must all excuse the foolishness of youth...]


What did it do ...? Yes, you guessed it - it became ‘two’ - No, not just multiplied - it became He-She...or She-He if you prefer - Oh, but there’s more - S/He went further and decided to embody not just one race, but enter into the multitude of every being on the Planet ... S/He spread itself everywhere, and in everyone...and just dissipated !!


Well, you know what Kama did then ? S/He became ecstatic with delight - euphoric even ... filling everyone with bliss, speeding up their evolution, allowing each of them ‘communion’ with Higher Beings ... and now guess what ? Every single one of them is happy !

No one is fighting anyone, no more famine, no more strife, no more conflict / lies / idiotic ideologies ... all those humans that proved so entertaining with their crazy antics are no longer available to amuse us ...

Well, we can’t have that now, can we ?!


That’s just not done, I tell you ... We must do something about this foolishness once and for all ... What does S/He think s/he is, going around disturbing our pleasure ...

We were here first...we got rights !

Hey, do you know how long it takes to build a race to the point where they could amuse us ... ?!


So - here’s a suggestion: we still got allies on that dirt ball of a planet.  Yes, I know they're not to be trusted, but human greed and selfishness is ...

So, all we need do is to send an appropriate emissary to - ehm - ‘guide their ego’, just enough to seed a bit of confusion...just a sprinkling of elitist superiority, a bit of abuse, a little fighting thrown in for good measure ... and let see if they can laugh themselves out of that !


Now, we have someone who has proven himself quite capable in the past ...

Oh, I know he just uses Temptation, but he’s very good with it ... “Mephisto ... Mephisto ... where are you’s time to earn your keep ... Get you shiny ass in here ... Armageddon will not start on its own ...”

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