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About your facilitator

Mario C. Veo was born in Italy and grew up in Africa.  From an early age his love for Spirituality and Metaphysics led him to study with great teachers and masters from around the world.

He started his apprenticeship at the age of 14 covering a wide variety of practices, and became a student of Taoism and Shamanism while in high school.

He traveled extensively world wide and has been on a Spiritual Pilgrimage to India three times.

Mario is a senior T'ai Chi and Chi Gong instructor, a Feng Shui Master, Healer and Shaman Initiate, and a dedicated Spiritual Practitioner.

He teaches and counsels Spiritual Seekers on self-empowerment and transformation  -  he can be reached at 303.525.7223, or by e-mail at 

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