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December 19, 2017

There are 3 basic types of Ba Gua mirrors – Concave, Convex, and Flat ...

Each is used to negate opposing / attacking / negative Energies which may come from outside ...

They are usually either hung outside a window, or placed on the inside of a window facing out.

Never face a Ba Gua mirror into the house as its energies are simply too strong for interior use.

Flat mirrors simply bounce energies back to their source, impacting anything else they come across ... so be sure you are not affecting any ‘innocent bystanders’.

Concave mirrors ‘trap energies’ by capturing and inverting the image they refle...

November 21, 2017

Plants are probably one of the most effective ways to transform Energy ... whether you use them indoors or outdoors be aware that the color of the plant has a profound effect ...

Consider the following –

White         Purity, Innocence, Untouched by the Turmoil of Modern Life, Neutral

Blue           Cooling, Calming, Slowing, Reduces Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure

Red            Passionate, Emotive, Exciting, Sexual, Increases Pulse Rate and

                 Blood Pressure...

October 24, 2017

Feng Shui Tidbits

Often the simplest treatment is placing ‘the right plant’ in a room, so as to change the energies accordingly. 

The following plants are offered for their metaphysical properties -

         Juniper        Shields and clears most negative energies.

         Melissa       A Link Breaker, it promotes movement.

         Oak           Strength, endurance and protection.


September 15, 2017

Probably the easiest is to light a candle [preferably a long-burning one], and offer that Light to Spirit so It may cleanse and release any negativity present.

[a simple statement would suffice -  e.g. I offer this flame to Spirit, so all negativity, all obstacles, all struggles may be released from my Life and this home ... May only the Light of Spirit burn brightly within me, and in my Life.]

Frequently playing a CD of Sacred Chants [no matter the lineage] will cleanse and uplift the energies. 

Just remember that it will work slowly, and requires many days to achieve this.

The best smudge-sticks...

August 15, 2017

The following symbols create a spontaneous flow of Energies designed to enhance / bless your life ... remember that all symbols must have both a personal meaning, and a true belief - i.e. you must accept it fully before it can work for you, so choose only the ones that resonate with you.


Rose Quartz … Heart-shape Crystals … Roses [plant or scent] Colors:- red / pink / rose / salmon / peach … [candles of   these colors] … Romance Collage [incl. doves / swans / love-birds] … Paired Ducks … Phoenix and Dragon …

Romantic Plants  -  Roses or Orchids or Lilies


3 Coins tied together … mon...

July 16, 2017

There are 3 major types of Energy - stagnant, excessive, or harmonious.

Each is appropriate depending on the purpose of the room … but never to excess.

Attics, storage areas, and some basements are ‘stagnant’ and should be balanced by gently introducing uplifting energies.  This can be done by introducing sunlight, pastel colors, or scent [think cedar] 

Activity rooms, kitchens, exercise rooms, are ‘excessive’ and should be gently moderated by introducing plants, fountains, images of nature

… some colors and scents [carefully chosen] can also do this.Harmonious rooms [where the energies have...

June 16, 2017

Before you start working with the energies inside the room take a breath, center in, and look out the window … whatever you see is the energy that is coming into the room … does this match the purpose of the space ?

In what way can you change this  -  soft, transparent curtain go a long way to slow down excessive energies, while still allowing Light to come in … a more vibrant paint color on the walls [or as an accent] will increase and uplift weak external energies  [just be sure you know the psychological effects of the color you’ve chosen]… lots of plants will harmonize conflicting energies...

May 15, 2017

"Whatever you first see will affect your Perception"

Stand outside your home and look at it - is it appealing, is the driveway open, inviting, welcoming ...what about your front door: is it strong, protective, secure ...  What can you do to improve all this...?

Now stand just outside your front door looking in - what do you see ?

Does the entrance embrace you, welcoming you into the house, does it offer you peace, beauty, and a place to rest ...

If not, what is limiting all this ... what needs to change ?

Remember, your home is your nest, filled with loving, embracing energies ...

Do you have...

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