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Placing ‘the right plant’ in a room

Feng Shui Tidbits

Often the simplest treatment is placing ‘the right plant’ in a room, so as to change the energies accordingly.

The following plants are offered for their metaphysical properties -

Juniper Shields and clears most negative energies.

Melissa A Link Breaker, it promotes movement.

Oak Strength, endurance and protection.

Willow Grief and grieving.

Aspen Ancestor Worship (and connection).

Wheat / Rice / Corn

Prosperity, growth, wealth.

Cedar Clears (moderate) negativity - Balances and uplifts.

Camphor / Frankincense / Myrrh

Clears all negativity - Calms and centers

Rose Promotes and protects Love, family and relationships.

Peppercorn Stimulates and increases Energy.

Fruits Abundance, prosperity, success, growth.Promotes good fortune

Basil Invokes Divinity, use it as thanks / offerings, when seeking guidance

/ support, and for Inner Calm

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