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There is a story the great Ancients loved to share - they would point to the night sky, when it was New Moon, so dark and filled with bright stars ... they would point and say -

You see, up there, all those bright lights ... each of them is a Wise One, a Medicine Man or Woman, who did such great works for our tribe, that the Great Spirit filled them with light - so bright - that it lifted them up to the sky, where they now rest, showing us all ‘The Way’ .

Yes, they have become the Great Guides, the Light Bearers of our nation.

You must honor them, and be proud that they’ve chosen to be part of your little lives... for even if you did not know their power, still you were blessed, simply by knowing them.

There are many ‘great ones’ that walk amongst us, often unknown even to their neighbors.

No, do not think in terms of Ascended Masters ... or of Angels, who have taken human forms ... or even ‘Celestial Messengers’ ...

No, these are men and women of good-will, who follow the Path of Peace, of gentle kindness, of caring and nurturing... They are the helpful neighbor, always willing to lend a hand, or offer a smile while they shovel your walkway from the snow that accumulated overnight, or offers to watch after your house while you are away...

They are the kind ones, that make you feel like the world is a better place for knowing them... and we are indeed inspired by their gentle kindness.

And if you are lucky, very lucky, you might come across a very rare being, one who is truly advanced, one you may well call ‘an Advanced Disciple’ - a great Spiritual Teacher, one of the Ancient Traditions.

They are the true Old Souls who have been through many High Initiations from life to life to life... and carry within themselves that clear certainty we call ‘wisdom’.

They speak Truth ... teach Truth... [and not what may be popular, or what may be appealing to the masses - not for them the current fads, or New Age trends...]

They often are called to be Great Teachers, magnetically drawing together those students who are finally ready... for it is no easy work – there is no glamour in that stark revelation of Self-Observation, of centering in the highest awareness, devoid of the common posturing of psychism... of seeking out the true Essence Within, devoid of common lures.

The Work of spiritual progress can only be attained by relentlessly peeling away of the many layers mankind hides behind.

Here there is little value in money...status ... or the ego of power ...

Here the only Light is one’s own Higher Consciousness... the only reward, the commitment you have to walk the Path ... the only value, the initiation into higher and higher Work ...

This is classically referred to as the Path of Knowledge and Wisdom... the true Raja and Jñana Yoga.

Such Teachers are very rare indeed - as are those students who are called.

They do not advertise, don’t have Facebook pages, nor Instagram followers - for these would slow down the work needed... and so you cannot simply ‘Google them’ ...

Their main purpose is to lead others to their own Path of Self Revelation... not to follow some pre-set dictate, or demand blind obedience to some rigid doctrine...

Their job is dedicated to the Light Within us all ... to our own personal process of Enlightenment... and for us all to realize that ultimately the greatest teacher we’ve been looking for is within us, and has always been there, ready and available ... just waiting for us to wake up to such simple Truth.

These Great Teachers are the True Light Bearers... the ones that are ‘the Bright Stars in the sky’... and if you have ever met one, well, you are blessed indeed.

Rest well, dear one, we’ve been called and will be called again... Death is just a passing moment - we shall meet again...


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