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When Love defies all

We had met way back, many, many lifetimes ago, and fell in love with such an ease that we never questioned it. Our life was idyllic, sharing ourselves with no fear or ego, openly, trusting in each other and in the care we felt.... And out of it grew this abundant joy, one would say we shared one breath and one heart, in perfect union, together... so perfect was our Love that it survived even beyond Death, linking us together, fated to find each other in every future incarnations.

Again and again and again we met and rediscovered our blessed union, and with each sharing our bond grew so deep that it called for us to be together... always...

As Death took one, the other would simply lie down next to them, and with a gentle smile upon their lips, reach out to take the other’s hand and with just one sigh they too would take their final breath. Yes, so deep was our Love that we would defy even death.

And so it came pass that this most unusual moment was reported to Lord Yama, he who rules the underworld and claims the soul of all who pass this mortal coil....

Now Lord Yama is not what you’d call a prude, nor is he one who would deride such precious union.

At first he smiled and even applauded their transcendent passion, basked and even cheered their perfect match ... but not so his allies “ Why, they make a mockery of the afterlife”... “Indeed, they strut around, casting their superiority upon us all... as if to say that they are better” ... “Yes, love is a wonderful thing, but humans are meant to suffer and feel the pain of loss ... otherwise, why, it’s no fun at all, this thing they call life...” [and some even whispered that it was an offense directed specifically at Lord Yama... and maybe, just maybe, he was losing his touch ...]

And so Lord Yama was forced to make a decision - allow such tender love to continue... or force such a rare passion to end... And if he did this, what would it say about him...? Ah, the delicious dilemma ...

Days passed into weeks, and turned into months and years...

Too soon this incarnation was to end, and his allies grew increasingly restless - whispers turned into frowns, factions formed and were opposed, tempers rose to a boil, and all looked expectedly - What will the Lord do...?

How could he find the impossible solution... how could he be true to his values, and not compromise his rule ... and then he got it !

The problem was not in this beautiful love, but in the process of incarnation ... after all, these fated lovers simply desired to be together... so all he needed was to preserve them in eternity !

He set about to mold the very fabric of Creation, pushing it to give birth to a pocket universe in which a gentle world could rise and be the perfect nest for such a perfect couple...

And as they had done for so many centuries now, and each followed the other into death, Lord Yama was there to greet them in admiration, and usher them to their forever land... [for such a passion deserves to be rewarded - even if it means defying the very fabric of Creation].

From time to time Lord Yama checks in with his favorite couple, still very much in love with each other... and basking in their sincerity, he can return, once again, to face his disapproving supporters ... with just a hint of a smile on his lips...

[what is a God to do, if he cannot use his Will in support of that which transcends even him...]

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