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Yes-Man, Bogey-Man, Beggar-Man, Thief…

This is the story of a young man who went on a hike with those he thought were his friends.

It was warm and pleasant day, idyllic you might say… pretty flowers all in bloom, birds chirping all the way, and if thunder played far away, well, who’s to say…

All was gentle, all was great… until they faced the rumbling river, and the ravine in the way. “There’s a log cast across, as a bridge we must accept.” “It is too dangerous,” one exclaimed, “I fear we’re all doomed, here to stay…”

“Stay or go back… that’s our choice.” “Nonsense,” said another, “just walk across… it’s far too late to stay the same.” “Help me tie a rope around my waist, so if I fall you may be my saving grace!” “Better to tie one around the neck!” said another, “thus to ensure a proper effort.” “Nonsense you old fool! All can see that it’s best to crawl across. Embrace the narrow, treacherous log… hang on to it like the lover you never had… caress its gnarly bark for it is the only way – and if you get scraped… well, that’s the price you pay!” “Better inch over it, crawling like a worm… for the closer you are to it, the safer it will hold you.”

The discussion grew louder and louder, tempers frayed, the sky darkened as thunder moved closer, not away.

So, the young man looked and pondered… and after proper reflection, nimbly walked across, even as his ‘friends’ fought… but stayed their way. Now on his journey he thought, “What strange opinions each of us have – so fast to assume the worst, and even more, doomed perceptions… Yes, to many the log was far too narrow… to me it was a bridge a mile wide! As my feet are not soooo big, it was enough to carry me, safely, to the other side.”

How strange is Life… how simple – or complicated. Is it ‘truth’ or mere subjective perception… and what does it all mean to me…!?

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