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Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost … or, a tale of ancient warning

Long, long ago, well before the birth of Mankind, this Earth was a glorious planet filled with grace and beauty, with peaceful Beings who walked freely amongst Gods and Goddesses, in friendship and respect.

It was an idyllic time, a time of great wisdom, of open laughter and joyful playfulness, of abundance and nobility … indeed, my friend, it was a sacred time … Oh, we knew not what we had, nor how much of it we took for granted.

Strife was not known, nor war, nor conflict, for nurturance was the rule, and Love its minister … and all was good, for everyone lived as was proper - in dignity and respect, valued for their offerings.

Until one dark day a strange hominid walked in - strange indeed he looked, with tufts of unruly hair and an attitude to match, strident of voice his rhetoric a raucous braying to our ears.

He capered forth, prancing around in his stolen finery, mocking even the most gentle of creatures, calling them ’slaves’ [a term we knew not of meaning]

He derided even the holiest tenets of peace and wisdom, claiming them to be ’fake’ … and loudly proclaimed them to be the ’tools of tyranny’ and magnanimously promised us liberation …

“Liberation from what …?” many asked … "Why - liberation from this stagnant Life … Don’t you see how the Gods have led you astray all this time …!? How you’ve been manipulated with all these riches and abundance …!? It’s time to stand together, firm against this ‘Egalitarian Rule’ [such a dirty word !] and once again reclaim our rightful place as the New Leaders … for we usher in a grand New Beginning … !!”

Ah, the foolishness of our benevolent Leaders who thought this simply the outplay of an immature mind … “Let him be” they said, “He’ll soon grow up and see the nature of his mistake” … “All this will come to pass … It’s simply an uncouth youth, blowing off some steam” … “He’s harmless” many claimed …

Alas, that such gentle thoughts did not deserve such rude awakening …

You see, the masses were too easily swayed by his bombastic cant … Oh, so easily led by his crude attitude … and how they laughed when, one by one, the Gods and Goddesses left … and how they threw stones and other offal when the gentle Beings departed … and how they built strong walls to keep the rest of us in … “For our own safety” they claimed …. but now we know better, for he has taught us the meaning of the word ‘slave’, and we’re treated as such.

And there he stands, in what once was our most sacred temple, prancing around in coarse attire, with peacocks in front and war-elephants behind, loudly heralding “the New Age has begun … Rejoice for the New Dawn is here …” and his cronies nod their heads, even as we hide our tears, for truly we’ve lost Paradise … and for what …? … this …?!?

It’s too late for us, my friend, but for you, who’s reading this - count your blessings well, and hold them fiercely to your bosom - do not let the prancing fools take them away from you, for Love and Peace are the only Truth there is … and beware, beware the war-elephants …

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