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The view from the window … a tale of unfair proportions

There is a small town, way over the mountains, where everyone is healthy, happy, and very, very prosperous … in fact they lack for nothing … Well, all except one that is.

This is the story of Eve, the young girl who lives in a room on top of the tallest building in town. From here she can see everywhere, all over town - she knows where the milk-man goes in his rounds, where the boys go to play their games, and when the market opens, and even who has the best produce.

Every day she sits by her window and looks out, and every day she follows, yearning to be out there, playing and greeting everyone she knows so well, but has never spoken to.

Alas, she cannot, for her window is nailed shut, and must never, never be open … or bad things will happen to her.

Why ?

Because it is for the best - truly, for her own safety … you see, when she was very young, just a baby really, Eve got sick, so very, very sick, and she didn’t get any better, until they put her in this room …

“This magical room healed you” or so they said with great conviction; and even though Eve was the only surviving child of the

wealthiest people in town, her family now long gone, and only her guardians remained.

“It really is for the best” they said in unison, “We’re doing this for you, to keep you safe, and healthy” they all agreed.

“But I want to go out and play, and be with my friends” Eve said, tentatively.

“Well, your friends don’t want to be with you” the eldest crone said, cackling all the while.

“If they were really your friends they would have been here already, wouldn’t

they now ?” said the other equally old crone “You must listen to us; we are your guardians after all, and we know better than you”

“Yes, you must trust us … do you think it is easy for us to look after you after your parents died ? You are not of our blood, but still, we do our duty, and none can ask for more … You have your dolls and toys, what more do you need ? Don’t be such an ungrateful child now”

And so they left, locking the door behind them, with only the maid to bring her

daily food … until one day her old maid was gone, and a new, younger one took her place - and this one was different, a little stronger in character, a little too independent of thought, many would have said.

And after taking a good look at Eve, and her meager surroundings … well, she just turned around and left, without even uttering a word !! the wretched servant …!!

… but … she did not lock the door behind her … in fact, there it stands wide open, tempting one and all to go out and meet the great, wide world outside.

Oh, there is Eve now, softly stepping to the door … and gently closing it shut … as she once again returns to her window, and resumes looking out to the world she’s grown so accustomed to … after all, she is not an ungrateful child … and they are her elders, and said they know better …

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