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July Tidbits

There are 3 major types of Energy - stagnant, excessive, or harmonious.

Each is appropriate depending on the purpose of the room … but never to excess.

Attics, storage areas, and some basements are ‘stagnant’ and should be balanced by gently introducing uplifting energies. This can be done by introducing sunlight, pastel colors, or scent [think cedar]

Activity rooms, kitchens, exercise rooms, are ‘excessive’ and should be gently moderated by introducing plants, fountains, images of nature

… some colors and scents [carefully chosen] can also do this.Harmonious rooms [where the energies have been well balanced] should be monitored for dust, neglect, lack of use … and be corrected as soon as possible.

Bedroom are most important for they combine both activity and stagnation [sleep and wake cycles], and must never have strong, excessive or stagnant energies … no red / black / dark blue / grey bedding, avoid strong lighting, loud music, geometric designs …

Remember, each room has a purpose / function, and its energies should reflect and support this.


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