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June Tidbit

Before you start working with the energies inside the room take a breath, center in, and look out the window … whatever you see is the energy that is coming into the room … does this match the purpose of the space ?

In what way can you change this - soft, transparent curtain go a long way to slow down excessive energies, while still allowing Light to come in … a more vibrant paint color on the walls [or as an accent] will increase and uplift weak external energies [just be sure you know the psychological effects of the color you’ve chosen]… lots of plants will harmonize conflicting energies

[so will salt-lamps and aroma therapy oils / incense] …

​And always, always be sure that the furniture you’ve chosen is appropriate to the size of the room - there’s nothing worse than a beautiful piece of furniture that is simply too big for the space…this will strangle the flow of energy, creating an ‘imposition’ in Life [bullies anyone ?]

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