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Classical Feng Shui Blessings

The following symbols create a spontaneous flow of Energies designed to enhance / bless your life ... remember that all symbols must have both a personal meaning, and a true belief - i.e. you must accept it fully before it can work for you, so choose only the ones that resonate with you.


Rose Quartz … Heart-shape Crystals … Roses [plant or scent] Colors:- red / pink / rose / salmon / peach … [candles of these colors] … Romance Collage [incl. doves / swans / love-birds] … Paired Ducks … Phoenix and Dragon …

Romantic Plants - Roses or Orchids or Lilies


3 Coins tied together … money frog or sailing ship pointing inside the house … Wealth Buddha / Vase … Jade Plant [Money Plant] … any Fruiting Plant [esp. orange]… place 3 Coins under the phone / computer … hang 3 Bells on the front door [inside] / Chimes near the front door [outside]/ Aquariums /Cornucopia

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