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Making space for the new

It seems such a simple concept, yet it is one which is too often ignored –

Envision the reality you wish to create... AND make space for it

Start with simple visualization - if you’re looking for love, then visualize how your life will be...waking up in the morning together, eating breakfast, driving to work, shopping , watching TV, going on vacation...

Once you have a clear picture of your new life, consider the changes that need to happen... and take appropriate action

This ‘investigation of details’ can be applied to any change you wish to create... new job, new house, better income... simply by visualizing the details of this new life, you begin to magnetize yourself to attract the very thing you desire... AND become aware of what’s in the way...

Get rid of what is no longer needed / wanted, and things will change... remember: Nature abhors a vacuum

There is a small catch - you must have clarity... don’t keep changing you mind, adding or subtracting aspects to your vision, it simply confuses the magnetic energies...

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