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Manifestation should not be just a temporary change in your Life... but a full and proper Transforma

The technique is simple - begin by creating a rich and rewarding environment.

Yes, do clean up your clutter, do get rid of all those old clothes that no longer fit you, do get new art / better furniture / repaint your home... do whatever is necessary to make your physical environment richer, more welcoming, more rewarding.

And if you need a personal make-over, then do that too [nothing feels more transformative than a different hair-style, new clothes, exercise program...]

Now – regularly sit in self-contemplation ... for just 10 minutes a day look at all your wonderful qualities, your gifts and abilities, and all you have [positively] accomplished in your Life.

Know that you deserve to receive... open yourself up and breathe in the transformation you want – first for yourself, then outwardly into your Life.

Repeat daily until your whole being is attuned to this transformation, and will automatically draw it into reality.

This simple Magnetic Repatterning is an effective method of manifesting whatever you desire, safely and holistically.

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