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The Law is clear – As Within, so Without...

The Law is clear – As Within, so Without... you can only manifest that which is already within you... BUT, it doesn’t have to limit you.

You can – and should – create and recreate yourself... you can grow, and prosper, and attract all you desire... simply by first focusing on all that is positive about you.

Spend time [daily, if possible] appreciating all your wonderful gifts, abilities, achievements... and how these have enriched your Life – embrace and appreciate all the good things that you have done for others, and how these Acts of Kindness have made you happy.

What more can you do... how can you help make this a better world [be this helping people / animals / or nature]... what positive words / thoughts / feelings can you share with others...

This simple process – of engaging in the positive – is going to energize you with greater vitality, with the ability to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way... and now your desires will spontaneously come to you....

Why would they do that ?

Simple – Whatever you give shall come back to you threefold...

It is the energies that you are receiving – freely – from others that are manifesting these changes in your Life...

So now you are not limited to ‘what is inside of you’...[easy !]

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