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Make space

This is important - Before you can manifest anything, you must first ‘make space’ for it within yourself...

To do this correctly you must understand that we all interact with the external world through our Senses... they form the ‘bond’ / link between us and everything else.

It is this bond which determines our attitude towards / good-bad

/ want it-reject it ... all is dependent on our Sensory Bond – for it is this which creates our Inner Space that will either attract or reject it...

So to manifest anything just go within... and think about -

(a) what you want to attract...(b) what it will feel like, once you have it...(c) and which of your Senses best responds to this...

[now a love relationship may be linked with a sensuous touch... money with a deep, relaxing breath... health and healing with a sharpening of all your senses...]

Once you have identified some of the Senses [3 is best] that link you with your desires, simply ‘hold the image of your desire firm in front of you, and use your Senses to bring it to life’...When done, breathe it all within you, and feel yourself changing...

Simple, and it works !!

[P.S. depending on any internal resistance / obstacles, you will need to repeat this process a few times until your Senses create the link correctly]

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