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Everything exists within Spirit

There is a wonderful Metaphysical concept that everything exists within Spirit... literally, that the whole Universe is contained within Spirit-Creator... and we can use this, very efficiently, to attract [safely] all we desire.

Begin by taking the time, every day, to think about Spirit [whichever aspect of Divinity you consider to be ‘the Creator’...and yes, if you truly believe that it is Pure Light, then focus on this].

Every day, for just a few short minutes, think about Spirit-Creator... and, on the in-breath, breathe these Energies into you – and, on the out-breath, breathe yourself into these Energies...

Do this daily until you begin to merge together... until you feel yourself to be within Spirit, as well as Spirit being within you.

When you reach this point clearly visualize your desire...and allow this Divine Energy to flow into it... until it is ‘alive’ / become real....

Now, step into this vision and claim it fully for yourself.

[the advantage of using this manifestation process is that IF you desire something which is inappropriate / damaging to you, this will be revealed...and a different - more suitable - vision will be offered...after all, it is all in God’s Consciousness]

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