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Manifestation ... and Happiness

Manifestation is both common and is simply Focused Will, applied with Force towards the object of our desires... but... will this make you happy ?

‘Happiness’ is not dependent on achieving our desires, but in getting the True Essence of what would satisfy our desires.

Consider wanting to find true love...or winning the lottery...or getting a promotion... whatever it is you wish for, you can have it...but...unless you have clearly become part of the picture, you are likely to be disappointed in the results.

The Key to a fulfilling Manifestation is simple:- “Once you have achieved it, how does it make you feel , in what manner does your Life change, how do you change, how does your future change... and... what new duties and responsibilities do you now hold ?”

Answering these important question will lead to the Essence of your desires - to that Inner Core / Truth of the matter - and now, simply by focusing on these feelings you can attract that which is proper and perfect for you !


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