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An Angel Story

January 4, 2019


In a time so long ago that only legends speak about, there was a different civilization on planet where Man was gifted with powerful occult knowledge - much Magic was revealed, and commonly done.


Great forests bowed down to the Will of these fierce magicians...trees bent to shape themselves into houses, mountains brought forth many beautiful jewels - simply to please these mighty masters - and even the seas parted to ease their travels...

Yet no matter how much Nature gave - and gave freely - it never seemed enough... for now, these ‘Mighty Men’ took more and more, without care nor remorse [some would even say they plundered the Earth without foresight of the consequences that would come]


And so Man ruled, some would loudly declared ‘benevolently’, yet many argued with too strong an authority over this bountiful world created by the Gods... “But we are created as Gods... we were given these powers so we may rule - justly so - over those who are less than us... That is the proper way - those who are stronger must, indeed, govern over those of lesser skills ... It is only right... and more, rightfully ours - and let any who oppose this, confront us... if they dare !


Well, no sooner was this arrogant braying spewed forth that a passing Angel took notice... Now you must understand that this was no ‘great’ Angel, nor was he one of the mighty Archangels with dark and dreadful powers that could level whole mountains with a simple breath...not at all, this was just a small little Angel, who happened to be passing by...and, just out of curiosity, decided to look into this latest creation called ‘Man’...


[There had been quite a stir among the Angelic Kingdoms, a loud debate whether this new Race was ever going to grow up...or would they simply blow themselves up out of sheer foolishness... Yep, so great was the amusement of the Angels that some even took bets that Man would not last a decade...but, no matter what, everyone agreed that Man’s antics were very bizarre, and quite funny in their own way]


And so this young Angel found himself wandering through this verdant Planet when he heard these boastful challenges... Well, what else could he do but respond...after all, it would be rude not to allow these ‘Mighty Men’ to prove their powers.


Soon he approached them - but not in his full guise for they would have run to their patron Gods for help, and that would not have served at all - and so he cloaked himself in the same shape as Man [and a mere youth at that]


He offered a simple challenge:- they would have three tries to defeat him, and then it will be his turn... If they won, they would be crowned ‘Rulers of this Planet, Masters over land and seas’ and all of creation must accept them as Kings...nay, as Emperors... and if he won...well, they would have to give up their arrogance, and live simply as all others, just mortal humans...


Affronted by what they saw as a conceited youth [far too below their own station... How dare he even approach them !!] ... and yet how could they refuse and lose face...

And so they formed a pact:- that they would all attack him together, and not wait for the challenge to begin.


No sooner had they agreed that they turned as one upon this mere youth – angry thunder filled the skies, and lighting struck down, over and over again...alas, to no avail...

More thunder followed mighty quakes, volcanoes spewed forth fiery lava, devastating acres of land...but left the youth unharmed...

The seas boiled with hurricanes, icy winds tore across enormous waves, swallowing all in their path...and still the youth remained...smiling at these foolish ‘mighty men’... waiting until they spent their force...


And now was his turn... he looked upon them, these once powerful and arrogant men - who still stood defiant in their pride and ego... and simply said: “Let me show you your Karmas...and what will become of you out of your own choices and actions...

See the many dreadful future lives that you will have to endure in order to truly understand the purpose of Life...This you’ve done to yourself...!!!”


The Heavens parted and Time stood still as Life after Life flashed before them, revealing the self-inflicted Darkness they’d created out of their narcissism ...

And which each vision they lost some of their mighty powers, with each cry they shrunk more and more, until, at the end, they were just shriveled husks, ashes blown away by the now calm wind... “Ha !  mighty men indeed...  Just fertilizer now”...


And so the little Angel moved on, knowing that he had spoiled the amusement of his brethrens...but man, did he feel good about it !

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