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Planning for the next Incarnation... a greedy tale

February 23, 2020

Settle down, settle down everyone... please take your seats... You two, stop bugging that Angel, and sit down already so we can start this meeting...

Yes, yes, I’ll tell you all about it ...


Are we all ready...good ...


For the sake of full disclosure this meeting will be recorded - in fact it has already been entered in your Akashic Records... Settle down, don’t grumble - you should know by now that the Lords of karma wouldn't have it any other way...and remember – whatever you choose will have consequences... but don’t worry - by the time you get your next assignment you’ll have forgotten everything we’ll talk about, so there’s little risk of resentment... Hey - you can just blame it on your ‘Destiny’.

[Ah, if I got new wings for every time I heard that I’ll be brighter than Rah...]


Ok, here’s the deal - this is the only time you can use your ‘Free Will’ [if you even know what that is] to choose what your next Life will be... So, one by one I’ll ask each of you to tell me the kind of Life you want next, and the aspects of personality that you think can get you there...and I’ll see what I can do ...

Right - you all got that...?  Good, let’s start - who wants to go first - don’t all talk at once.

You two, at the back – yes, you trouble-makers, you’d think you were lovers you’re so attached to each other - I better get you out of the way so you don’t corrupt others... and stop giggling or I’ll send you to a penal colony in Alpha Centaury...

So – “Vlad-the-impaler”  - did you have fun with that sleazy reputation - what do you want to be next ...


“I really liked being a dictator, so I think I’ll stick with it... I like having people be afraid of me...I’m good at torture and violence and lying to people... Plus, I look good without a shirt on, so I want a good body to go with it... Can you make it happen ...?”


Sure, that one is easy - but it’s going to cost you ... No one is ever going to love you - not your parents, not your siblings, not your dog... No one...Oh, yes - and you’ll die alone.  So, do we have a deal ?

One more thing - this ‘dictator’ crap you’re so fond of will cost you three more lives as a beggar - blind, deaf, and mute... So, do we have a deal...?

Good - go and see Loki over there and he’ll fix you up...


Next - Donny, you’re up... what do you want ?


“Man ! I wanted to be dictator - why does Vlad always get his way ...?”


Because he’s a lot prettier than you... Now stop whining - you always whine, whine, whine.  You’ve got the most strident voice I’ve ever come across. 

Speak up man, what do you want for your next life ?


“Well, if I can’t be a dictator, I want to be the most powerful man in the world... like an Emperor or Tyrant or I’ll settle for King if I can be very, very rich... and I want to be a great lover...Yes, I want all the women to fall in love with me...and I want to have a life of kinky fun and leisure... Can I have that...?”


Well, Vlad over there got most of what you want... Let’s see, I can get you money - that’s not a problem, a rich daddy will supply you with that... You can get women, but they’ll never really love you because you are incapable of loving anyone but yourself - and that goes double for your fact they can’t wait until you kick the bucket to inherit all your money... Let’s see now - I can make you a politician, but again, no one will love you...they’ll fear you, but never truly love you...

Hey, I know, I’ll throw in a few deviant escapades, and a bunch of cowards as your flunkies so you can push them around as much as you like... Does that sound like a deal ?

Oh yes, your next two lives you’ll be born with a terminal disease that will make you extremely obese and impotent... Do we have a deal ...?

Good, go and see Luci over there, she’ll fix you right up ... 


Right...let’s move on...I haven't got all eternity... You - Mila - yes’ve been googly-eyed for Donny ...You’re next ...


[God, will these morons ever learn... well, at least there’s always Karma...and I must admit, we all get a kick out of watching them make such fools of themselves...

Well, it’s good ratings for our Celestial Channel on the Human Network... Now, if only we can get that other weird guy involved - y’know, the one that always has parades, and kills people for yawning ... now, there’s a sleaze if ever there was one... but y’know what they say - it’s all for the votes ... ]

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